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We provides management assistance and advice in all areas of IT/MIS development and operation for local and multi-national organizations.

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Information Technology Management Consulting

IT/MIS Resources Management

IT/MIS Project Management

IT Vendor Management

IT Process Management

IT/MIS Change Management

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IT Resources Management

Operations Management

Team Management

Change Management

Current IT Assessment & Recomendation

Risk Evaluation

Data Standards

Data Management

Management Information

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IT Project Management

Project Definition and Business Cases

Workload Planning

Budget Planning & Review

Systems Design & Development

Systems Implmentation

Project Governance

Risk Management

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IT Vendor Management

Vendor Identification & Selection

RFP & Contract Development

Current Vendor Assessment & Recomendation

Risk Management

Change Management

Vendor Relationship Management

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IT Process Management







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One source, many solutions

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Lingic Technologies Inc.

With over 30 years of extensive experience in management of designing, developing and implementing technology solutions for local and multi-national organizations, in the areas of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Supply Chain & Logistics Management, & Multi-Currency Accounting systems, we can assist to make your organization’s IT/MIS operations and projects succeed. Over the years, with focus in North America and Asia, we have successfully developed and implemented many small to large scale customized IT solutions, as well as rescued many failed IT projects in a timely manor.

We provide proven leadership and expertise in information technology management by assist you with building or rebuilding IT/MIS team, and project management of IT/MIS initiatives. We can assist in aligning technology strategies with business objectives, and conduct product evaluation & vendor selection.

Information Technology Consulting

  ✓ IT Resources Management
     • Operations management
     • Team management
     • Change management
     • Current IT audit & assessment
     • Risk evaluation
     • Data standards
     • Data management
     • Management information

  ✓ IT Project Management
     • Project definition and business
     • Workload planning
     • Budget planning & review
     • Systems design & development
     • Systems implmentation
     • Project governance
     • Risk management

  ✓ IT Vendor Management
     • Vendor identification & selection
     • RFP & contract development
     • Current Vendor Audit & Assessment
     • Risk Management
     • Change Management
     • Vendor relationship management

Our process employs six unique phases that ensure your success.

Consulting: In this phase, information is collected and analyzed. We start by identifying the business issues and requirements that your management and your user community want the system to address.

Planning: In this phase, the functional, technical, and creative requirements are defined. We formulate an architectural and navigational blueprint for your system and ensure your objectives have been met.

Developing: In this phase, the programming takes place. The formulized plan is transferred from paper onto screen. We specialize in a variety of development environment to provide cost effective and reliable solutions.

Testing: In this phase, we use an extensive quality control process to ensure that every part of the system works as it should. We test the system on multiple platforms and ensure the application is compatible with a wide range of users.

Implementation: After testing is completed, your product is ready for implementation into your company system. User training will be scheduled and taking place during this phase.

Maintenance: We are committed to providing and maintaining full support of our customers' systems. Our customers are guaranteed consistent quality and value when modifications and support are needed.

We have extensive software development and management experiences in all areas of Supply Chain Management.

Financial Accounting System (FAS)      for Single/Multi-Currency Accounting & Financial Reporting.

  ✓ Multi-Company
  ✓ Multi-Currency
  ✓ Accounts Receivable
  ✓ Accounts Payable
  ✓ General Ledger
  ✓ Bank Reconciliation
  ✓ Financial Reporting
  ✓ Full Integration with All Modules

With the explosion of global trading, multi-currency accounting is becoming more and more important for small and medium-sized businesses. Organizations perform business trades with foreign countries on a daily basis, and require sophisticated accounting systems to perform currency exchange functions.

We offered a complete multi-currency accounting system. The multiple currency system provides the ability to enter, process and report on business and accounting tasks in foreign currencies, all in real time. It creates the required foreign currency journal entries automatically. The system is easy to use and provides a complete financial picture for companies that trade in the global market.

The multi-currency system allowed every transaction to be viewed in both foreign and home currency at anytime. This makes it an ideal system for any company which needs to manage its foreign exchange exposures. MSI aspired to provide effective business solutions to fulfill every customer's business needs.

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)      for small Manufacturing/Job Shop, Wholesale/Distribution and Retail Industries.

  ✓ Multi-Company
  ✓ Multi-Warehouse Location
  ✓ Multi-Currency
  ✓ Sales Order Processing
  ✓ Purchase Order Processing
  ✓ Inventory Management
  ✓ RMA Processing
  ✓ Accounting & Financial Reporting

Keeping ahead of the competition in today's business environment requires innovative ideas, timely information and commitment to a high standard of excellence. That is why today's business environment demands sophisticated Information Management Systems. Instead of emulating old batch processing technology, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is developed to take advantage of the latest hardware and software technologies, and offers on-line database inquiry capabilities to provide you with the latest information on your business activities.

The integrated multi-user ERP Software can handle an unlimited number of users (limited only by the operating system), all working on the same database at the same time. Whether your business is large or small, you can grow to the limits of the most advanced networks available today. As you grow, so does your ERP Software. It can easily adapt to increased data processing needs, expanded product lines, staff growth and turnover, as well as more complex reporting requirements. Best of all, the system is flexible - it adapts to the way you do business. The system handles multi-company, multi-warehouse locations and multi-currency, so you can develop more detailed, individualized profit and loss statements.

Freight Management System (FMS)      for Freight Forwarder (Air, Ocean and Trucking), Transportation, Logistics and 3rd Party Warehousing Industries.

  ✓ Multi-Company
  ✓ Multi-Warehouse Location
  ✓ Multi-Currency
  ✓ Full Integration With All Modules

Speed is of the essence in today's fast paced marketplace. The key to achieving speed is the ability to bring the whole information flow together. To do that, you need a solution that is able to integrate your operations and achieve instant information exchange with all of your trading partners.

We offered solutions that integrate all operations into one seamless information flow. We create an effective supply chain that integrates and manages internal chain of customers, suppliers and distribution partners. Our goal is to offer the supply chain design, planning, implementation and management expertise required to make your business operate at a world-class level.

The benefits your company derives from our solutions include reductions in time to market, lower operating expenses and increase throughout by more closely synchronizing products to customer demand. Most importantly, effective supply chain management increases customer satisfaction as customers receive what they need and when they need it. Our value chains are designed to not only improve your operations but also help your company grow. We want to help you increase profitability and revenue generation, improve the ability to handle changes in demand, and improve planning, forecasting and decision-making.